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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Teaching myself to draw since mid-2015, and slowly feeling less like a beginner. I started with traditional media (pencils, color pencils) but a free trial version of Photoshop CC got me hooked on digital!

Enormously inspired by lots of artists, both professional and self-taught on this website. Everything I'm learning about light/shadow, colour palettes and composition, I'm learning from looking at the work of other artists. Everything else I'm learning by peering at hundreds of pose refs and images taken from Google searches. I haven't found my style yet at all... so I really really appreciate feedback and any tips on techniques that could help me improve.

Now using MyPaint 1.0.0 (I know there are newer versions but my Windows 10 laptop loves only this old, stabler version) with a Wacom Intuos tablet. Then I move the finished MyPaint file to GIMP for cropping, re-sizing, and text (I'm still very confused by GIMP and don't know much about using its many other features).

I recommend MyPaint 1.0 highly - it has none of the bells and whistles of Photoshop CC, and it may lack the features of later MyPaint versions, but it works really well if all you want to do is draw and paint. And it is FREE!! My only complaint is the amount of lag if my file gets too large.


St Glorfindel
Maybe I was thinking of stained-glass windows of St Michael the Archangel, but suddenly I felt like drawing Glorfindel like this...
Lords of Gondolin WIP: Duilin, Galdor, Ecthelion
So I've been doing individual portraits of the Lords of Gondolin. Then I thought: why not paint all of them and Turgon in one painting?
I discovered why not. Handling all eleven of them at one shot was way too much for me. Plus I hurt my right hand before Christmas, and it got worse and worse, and now it's been diagnosed as De Quervain's tenosynovitis and I'm wearing a thumb and wrist support almost all day. Can type, can't really write with a pen.:( (Sad)  I'm not supposed to, but I was desperate to paint, so I finished one small part of it, very slowly. All the other lords and Turgon are standing to the right. It feels like I'm going to finish this only by Christmas at this rate!
And the King Had No Wife

This is Finrod sculpting a bust of Amarië after the completion of Nargothrond. (Kind of inspired by the Pygmalion and Galatea myth though of course poor lonely Finrod's statue isn't coming to life.)

And this is the meaningless conversation I had with myself as I painted this:
“…and I’ll make Amarië a life-sized statue.”
“Nah. It might look creepy.”
“You think?”
“Make her a little smaller.”
*draw draw paint paint*
“Argh!! I should have made her life-sized!”
“Re-do her.”
“No way! Not after all that work.”
“Well, open the file in GIMP and scale her larger.”
*open GIMP. Select Amarië. Select Scale tool. FAIL. Select. Scale. FAIL. Repeat two more times.* 
"You should stop being so cheap and just get Photoshop CC. It’ll work so much better.”
“Shut up.”
I'm a digital art idiot. And that’s why Amarië isn’t life-sized.

The First Elves - Cuivienyarna

The legendary first elves after they awaken at Cuiviénen - Enel, Enelyë, Tatië, Tata, Imin and Iminyë. 
I love stars though I don't get to see them much because of light pollution!

[Finally found time to add the pose references which I (pretty loosely) based the elves on: EnelEnelyëTatië, Tata, Imin and Iminyë. Oh yeah, and for Iminyë's hand:D (Big Grin) ]

[Apr 2017 edit - I'm very honoured that Sigrid Miech chose to use this painting for her video of her original composition Cuiviénen and Back Again. It is a beautiful piece of music and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.]

I've been producing digital art (any kind of art, actually!) for almost 13 months now. Woohoo! I'm so grateful for the encouragement and feedback of everyone who bothered to leave me comments here on dA. That has helped me immensely and enabled me to progress. I actually feel the most recent piece on Maglor didn't turn out too bad! It was an anniversary piece, because I still have memories of sitting at the dining table last year with my laptop, painting Maglor with a regular mouse and cursing and swearing at Photoshop CC which I was trying (rather unsuccessfully) to figure out on my lonesome. One of my regrets is that I deleted my two earliest pieces on my gallery. Well, they were frankly very bad, but I should have left them there as a kind of record, my starting point. I was rather ashamed of them at the point that I removed them, but now I realize that was silly. We should not ever regret where we came from.

Last week, I actually decided, since I'm on vacay till July, to get myself some art lessons here in Singapore. But one art school told me they only have lessons using Photoshop, and another art school only had figure drawing classes (a real nude model! yeah! and anatomy is one of my weak points!) this October & November, when my work schedule would be busiest. And it would be using traditional media - which I know would be very good for me (since my sketching is still horrendously messy), but the thought of investing in pencils, and paper... sorry, guys, I live in the most expensive city in the world, and on top of that, here living and storage space is jolly tight. If I was still a student or a swinging single it would be different, but now there's the mortgage, and the budget... I mean, we're comfortable, but my hobbies are low on the list of priorities. 

Well, I gave up the search for art lessons at that point. I decided it was not meant to be. Oh come on, you say - you call up two schools and give up? But I realize I DO have teachers now. My best teachers so far have been the amazing works of so many marvellous artists here on dA... the kind of work that inspires me and ties me in knots of envy (could I ever draw that good??) and drives me on to improve myself. And there is YouTube - if I could just get myself organized and find some art tutorials to watch. I've watched about 5 so far, and they really did help - I learned how to draw straight lines in MyPaint from one! And I was mesmerized and vastly educated by a speedpaint on another.

So here's to the next year, and hopefully improvements in painting folds in cloth and fabric, in shading and lighting, in anatomy, and in drawing... men. Real men. Not only long-haired elves, much though I love them. So many, many paintings I'd love to do, so little time...


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Elves! Pretty elves! Love them!
Maglor! (≧∇≦)
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Oh yes!! Love pretty elves! Love 
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Happy birthday! No new image this time, but I wish to share a started fanfic co-written between me and my beta-reader. Here is the story on his FFN account:…

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hope that you will like it with Maeglin as one of the main characters
annamare Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I'll keep it in mind!
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:) l hope that it even may inspire a new image for your art or so :)
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Thank you!!! It's so kind of you to say that! Hug 
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